Why get a CCTV system for your home? Ultimately prevention in crime?

With thefts and vandalism being a constant threat to businesses and homes, people are beginning to require CCTV cameras to feel safe and prevent them being a victim. Does this does mean homes businesses without CCTV cameras are more likely to be a target? We believe if someone is set on theft they will look for an easy target.

Theft isn’t the only reason to have CCTV cameras:

  • Find out who damaged your property even if it’s an accident, like a neighbour reversed into your car without realising. Now you don’t have to pay those repairs yourself.
  • Reduce the cost of your insurance.
  • Secure your children in the garden, keep eyes on them from anywhere in the house.
  • Evidence, have your property returned
  • Help the police capture the criminal, prevent criminals from sealing/vandalising to others in the community or even coming back for a second time.

If every home and business had CCTV systems would crime drop significantly?

Could the cost of CCTV cameras be outweighed if you consider the cost of a new door, property that has sentimental value, loss of time, increased insurance premium costs and someone being in your house when you sleep?

Police highly recommend fitting CCTV security in the hope for good evidence.

Don’t be a victim to crime, CCTV security systems can help

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