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At Netlutions we take pride in our work and providing a finished product that customers can be happy with.
Hiding cables from sight is a big issue in our books, we make the effort to find the best route but sometimes it’s unavoidable.
Either way, appearance is key.

Mobotix IP CCTV Security System Maidstone, Kent. High-end business-grade solution.

Another Mobotix CCTV solution supplied and installed.

With incredible image quality and durability, these Mobotix cameras capture incredible detail with there 6 Megapixel moonlight sensors day and night.
Using a Synology NAS storage solution ensures high performance and reliability.

We also provided a large screen and intergraded PC to give a high end viewing wall, this helps with the site and staff monitoring.

With good prior planning from our team, we were able to ensure that cables would be hidden and the best possible installation locations were used.

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Hikvision CCTV Security System Chelmsford, affordable home, business grade solution.

Netlutions supplied and installed a complete Hikvision security CCTV solution. With the excellent crisp images from the 4 Megapixel IP cameras no detail is missed, and with the huge storage device from hikvision with surveillance class hard drives these images will be stored securely and reliably.

As with all our installations hiding the cabling is a big deal to us, as you can see there is minimal cabling showing to give a much more eye pleaseing installation. This also means no one can just cut the cables to your cameras!

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Mobotix Security camera Colchester.

Netlutions supplied and installed a classic reconditioned Mobotix M12 IP CCTV camera onto a driveway gate. These cameras are still of high quality and now more affordable. Still IP with most of the great features of the newer cameras the 3.1-megapixel sensors give great image quality for the money. Remote access to the system is also possible via the free smartphone app.

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Recent install of CCTV Hertfordshire  – affordable home installation.

Netlutions installed and supplied a CCTV system in a customers home that was both affordable and without compromise to video or installation quality. These cameras are IP and run a high quality 1080p image giving great value for the money. Remote access to the system is also possible via the free smartphone app. 8x 1080p high Megapixel IP cameras and a 2 Terabyte storage device, all supplied, installed and commissioned by us for less than £2000!

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Mobotix M12 replacement CCTV Epping

The customer had a Mobotix M12 with a 63 degree lens, this wasn’t fully covering the driveway so it was upgraded to a Mobotix M15 6MP with an Ultra Wide 105 lens covering the whole driveway and still giving the level of detail required as before. The M12 was then given a full service and re-installed in a new location

Mobotix T25 Door Station CCTV London

Netlutions have installed a bespoke IP door entry system fully to customers expectations. Due to multiple occupancy and apartments, there was a requirement for two separate Mobotix systems and multiple doorbells. Both systems were still required to operate the same electronic door release.

Netlutions incorporated a PIR light sensor to switch on lights when a visitor approached and a display unit for the door number.

There are multiple buttons to ring each apartment and a separate RFID keypad placed lower to allow the resident’s children to reach and gain access to the property via pin code or RFID card.

Every apartment has full 180-degree video and audio of the visitor conveniently located in their apartment.

Mobotix M15 installation CCTV Suffolk

The customer was having unwanted visitors in a field owned behind the rear garden of the property.

Netlutions installed a ducted cable from the house buried under the garden out to the far shed to an M15 with a wide 90-degree lens. This gave a high-quality overview of the field so to know when someone has entered the field and potentially who.

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