Mobotix is the perfect CCTV security solution for a retail environment, there high-resolution 6-megapixel indoor IP cameras can make for a very cost effective solution.

Placing a Mobotix p25 camera at the entrance(s) for high definition facial recognition you can confidently identify a person.

With the 6-megapixel Mobotix c25 hemispheric camera, you can cover large areas of the shop floor with enough detail to confirm what products were taken/damaged/moved.

Place a Mobotix V25 camera above the tills this will cover staff thefts and change errors reducing internal losses.

For external coverage of the building use a Mobotix M15 camera, this has a combination of 2 sensors typically 1 for the day and 1 for the night (interchangeable) the reason for this is there are no moving parts like traditional CCTV cameras so their life span is much longer commonly over 8 years without failure. Having a dedicated night sensor also means it’s designed for best results at night, you can use it without additional lighting (Infer-red light source recommended).

Mobotix cameras have audio versions so you can record 2-way audio if required.

Mobotix cameras use their own complex compression (MxPEG) this allow efficient monitoring of all CCTV cameras remotely on a Video wall, PC or even smartphone.

Mobotix MxPEG also reduces storage requirements presenting a cost saving in NAS hardware.

All of the Mobotix software is free, and the CCTV camera firmware updates are also free.