Mobotix IP CCTV for Retail

Mobotix is the perfect solution for a retail environment, their high-resolution 6-megapixel indoor cameras can make for a very cost effective solution.
Placing a 6-megapixel p25 at the entrance(s) for high definition facial recognition you can confidently identify a person.

Then with the 6-megapixel c25 hemispheric cameras, you can cover large areas of the shop floor with enough detail to confirm what products were taken/damaged/moved.
This will also provide you with continuity of evidence due to the vast area covered by the hemispheric lens.
With this level of crisp detail, tills can be covered for staff thefts and change errors reducing internal losses.
With Mobotix’s MxPEG complex compression, this allows efficient monitoring of all CCTV cameras remotely on a Video wall, PC or even smartphone.